About Page

This About page is for Movies have played a gigantic role in my life. It’s given me the unique opportunity to escape when I needed to without really physically going anywhere. I’ve fallen in love with movies since the first time I saw one in a theater, much more so when we bought our first Betamax, then VHS players in the 80’s towards the 90’s.

As a young student, I remember always having some Video rental money in my pocket like it was lunch money. For some this reason, I always hurried home to be able to watch whatever it was that I rented for the day (usually 3 or more), and I used to spend tens of minutes to hours inside Videotape rental stores, carefully reading each summary and looking at covers photos like it was a life insurance policy.

I was that friend of yours who wouldn’t shut up about what great thing he just rented, almost forcing people to watch it as well. Nobody in my family ever realized this, but it was how I coped with whatever it was that bothered me. But enough about myself, and let me explain what this site is all about.

Nostalgia and its tricks

People love the blockbusters, but start to grow tired of them once they’ve hit a critical mass. It’s probably human nature to despise anything too familiar, this is also the reason why people love the “classics” more than they should. Nostalgia plays tricks on us a lot, our poor and recollective thoughts betray us even more.

This is a simple thought experiment about movies that we remember was good, but may not hold up today. So all that’s in here is like a trip back into my past. A person who loves the underappreciated and neglected movies the most. There will be a lot of “hits” in here, but it will favor more of the underrated movies and gems. Genres will mostly cover Horrors, Thrillers, Docs, Adventure, Mystery, Dramedys – stuff I enjoyed the most.

I’ll try so hard to limit what I put in here within the timelines from the year 2000, up to the present. But from time to time I’ll slide in a couple of 90s movies that really stick out from memory.  But since this is practically a one-man operation, I have a ton of catching up to do. There will be very little of those references due to physical and time constraints.

TV series will be included, but for now, I’ll give more priority to movies. I hope that you enjoyed reading our About Page, as well as watching or re-watching what’s in the site.